Hopes in New Florida Law Proposal

Bill to reform Florida's 10-20-Life law filed by Aaron Bean, Neil Combee - via Florida Politics

I hope that Rep. Neil Combee and Jacksonville state Sen. Aaron Bean are able to make this happen! This is the first bit of good news we've had in 5 years. I pray it happens.

“They shouldn’t have to go to prison for 25 years for trying to protect themselves in good faith.” Combee said, pointing to the case of Michael Giles, an Air Force serviceman with no prior criminal record, sentenced to 25 years in prison for aggravated battery. Giles shot and injured a man after he was attacked from behind and punched to the ground during a brawl. The judge in Giles’ case said the 25-year sentence was “overly harsh,” but noted that he had “no legal authority to impose less than that.”